Langosteria is a style. But it is also a vision. Langosteria is a method. It is authentic values. Langosteria is taste, refinement and rhythm. A genuinely Italian idea of a restaurant, with an essential international touch. The ideal atmosphere for every occasion. For a unique experience characterised by excellence. Langosteria now goes beyond the restaurant (open since 2007), the Bistrot (open since 2012) and the Café (open since 2016). It is fine dining pieds-dans-l’eau in the splendid setting of Paraggi (open since 2017), the pearl of the Ligurian Riviera and a window on the world with a view on the city of lights (open since 2021). Langosteria is… all this and much more.


Langosteria opened its first restaurant outside Italy within Cheval Blanc Paris, the new Maison of the eponymous collection developed by LVMH. Facing the river Seine, the restaurant will be located on the seventh floor, with an indoor space that opens onto a terrace overlooking the Paris skyline.


Enrico Buonocore

Enrico Buonocore has passion in his blood. Living this passion to the full, he has created that which is now considered a reference point for the Milan restaurant scene (and more). Enrico has always gone “beyond”. His wonderful idea is the result of his origins (his father was from Maiori, his Mother from Cetara, where children grow up on bread, butter and anchovies), and his trips to France. He has focused on freshness and quality. On being, rather than appearing. “Langosteria restaurants do not use cooking to mask an absence of quality”. The secret of his success is wonderfully simple: “I am not from a culinary background, I am an entrepreneur and I do my trade from the client’s side”… and clients inevitably become friends.

Our style at the table

Excellence, superior quality, genuine flavours: welcome to Langosteria. Where one can experience and taste the sea. Select raw materials, both seasonal and beyond. A whirling blend of colours and combinations, rendering every dish unique. Pleasure, delight and character, always in the name of the utmost simplicity. Individual ingredients are combined with the freshest of the catch. Only the best from all around the world: this is the definition of the Langosteria style.

The wine cellar

The Langosteria cellar, as essential as wine. A magical place created with passion, a collection of infinite stories. Because every single bottle is the depositary of an extraordinary secret: a land to discover, a legend to be handed down, or adventures to reveal. Thus, our wines list come to life. A harmonious balance which is continuously evolving. Alive, never banal. Capable of taking you on a journey to discover the multitude of varieties that characterise the Italian world of wine. Ready to make you dream with the great legends of Burgundy, it reveals its more sparkling side with 160 Champagne labels, a true attraction and a rarity on the restaurant scene.

Private Dining

Unique and fascinating ambients capable of making every occasion special. Whether it’s a corporate event, a celebration, a special occasion, our spaces are perfectly suited to your every need and desire.


Private Dining

Langosteria Revolution

Langosteria Revolution is the story of a revolutionary entrepreneur, Enrico Buonocore written by Roberta Schira. Enrico created in 10 years a restaurant format that has altered the horizon of Milanese fine dining.

The book reveals memories, suggestions, secrets and stories of success achieved day in and day out with courage, dedication, effort, and endless passion.


Work with us

Enter the world of Langosteria. You could be chosen to become part of our team. Live an experience at the highest level of the restaurant sector. An opportunity for professional development, but above all an opportunity to pit your wits in a unique and dynamic context. What are the right ingredients a candidate should have? Passion, curiosity and great willingness to learn. Talent, rhythm and a healthy dose of ambition are just as important. If you feel ready to make your contribution in the Langosteria style, send us your profile.

Work with us