The space

A dynamic and ever-changing concept. To be present when it matters. As always, characterised by the unique specialities created by Langosteria. A safe haven in the dizzying frenzy of the day.


Langosteria Plateau
Our signature, even in the name. Oysters, prawns and langoustine accompany seafood and much more. A spectacular composition, a triumph of the rarest of delicacies. From the depths of the seas to the heart of Milan. A mid-summer night’s dream? No, the fresh reality of a typical day at Langosteria.


Tagliatelle with raw seafood, cured grey mullet roe and lemon-scented extra virgin oil
The freshest catch at its purest. Harmonious excellence, which varies every day. Carpaccio of tuna, prawns and sea-bass, creating a heavenly raw seafood mix. Accompanied by the intensity of cured grey mullet roe. A decisive but discrete touch, complemented by the most elementary of dressings, extra virgin olive oil. With the best, nothing else is needed.

Main course

Sea bream with mini chard and tomato confit
A dish which speaks for itself. It astounds with its essentiality. A story told by a few select and authentic ingredients. Simplicity in preparation, and in careful and attentive cooking. Because the secret lies in the measure in which the ingredients are seared, placed, and dressed. To be on the cutting edge where it really matters.