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Langosteria’s seaside dream. Fine dining pieds-dans-l’eau, which brings style, elegance and rhythm to the splendid setting of Paraggi, a pearl of the Ligurian Riviera.

A fantasy of taste
for every season

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Fine dining is an art. It amazes with every dish. Excellence which only the finest ingredients can provide. At Langosteria, we know this very well: for us, the highest quality and freshness are a true credo. The best that the seas and rivers can provide always deserves an accompaniment of the same level. With the changing of seasons, a new style for our dishes. Whether they be Specials or other dishes from the menu. Proposals which – month after month – are enriched with new colours. The flavours change, our faith in that which matters does not: the utmost freshness that the season can provide. Everything comes back here to Langosteria, but always and only when it can be served at its best. There is only one certainty for us: the king crab is perfect all year round. It will never be absent from our menus. Enrico’s honour.


From the first blooms of spring to the sunsets of late summer, Langosteria also looks out over the sea of Portofino. In the pearl of the Ligurian Riviera, in the splendid setting of Paraggi. A restaurant pieds-dans-l’eau, located in the famous Bagni Fiore resort. The same philosophy of fine dining as its sister venues, with a breath-taking panorama. A new adventure, where territorial excellence blends with the style of the brand. A restaurant and beach bar, from the first coffee of the morning to dinner on the sea-front… all in Langosteria style.